Big River Train Town Beckons Model Train Collectors

Recently my wife and I took a trip to Hannibal, Missouri just to get away for a few days. Of course,  the main two attractions there in town are the Mark Twain themed places, including the Mark Twain Riverboat and the railroad. Me being a rail-fan, am going to be attracted to anything railroad related. And in addition to watching trains run next to the Mississippi River, I found a diamond in the rough at Big River Train Town .

This must visit for rail enthusiasts of all ages is located at 320 N 3rd St and has several mini towns with model trains running through them like these.


It has shelves full of lots and lots of model trains, from individual rolling stock to full trains like these.




One such piece had special significance for me as it was a car that represents the Johnny Cash special Ridin’ The Rails that my friend and recent radio guest on Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics, Bill Dennington from Austell, Georgia was an extra in, as a confederate soldier.


After I took this picture, I uploaded it to Bill’s Facebook page. Currently, Bill is an Engineer  with both the Stone Mountain Park and  Six Flags railroads in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, as well as being the Pastor of the Harvest Fire Church he also founded. Of course, there were general railroad items on display as well.


Big River Train Town is open Mon-Sat from 10am-5pm and Sundays Noon-3pm. They are Seasonally closed Sunday through Tuesday January through march. You can e-mail them at and reach them by phone at

(573) 221-1966

You can find their E-Bay store at .

You can find them on You-Tube.

They are definitely a facility that are sure to continue to attract visitors for years to come as they are another important part of the enthusiast community that is leaving Legacies….On The Rails!!


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