Heartland N-Trak Of KC Is A Hidden Gem In Liberty


Between 2010 and 2011 a great venue for model railroaders in the Northland area of Kansas City opened but because of its location, a lot of folks, like me, may not have known about it. That is Heartland N Trak Of Kansas City. N Trak is the scale of model railroading that is smaller in size than HO Scale. I have two people to thank for helping me find it. Brandon Gott-my friend and owner of nearby Barista De Casa http://baristadecasa.com/ and Jan Bratcher of Bratcher Cooperage http://www.bratchercooperage.com/ .

This 1000 square foot facility, located at 131 S Water St in the basement (Garden Level) of the Corbin Mill Square building in Liberty, Missouri, below the Stars Dance Studio, couldn’t ask for a better venue, despite its obscurity, as tracks that saw railroads service the building up until about 25 years ago, are right outside. Through World War II, it saw about 100 rail carloads of coal a year and if you dig down in some of its surrounding soil, you will likely find some leftover coal.

The group currently has 25 members, including President Dick Cooper, Tom Williams, Terry Downs and Bob Osbourne who brought his Grandson Shane Mason to the N Trak facility a while back and got talked into joining with him. Shane, with help from Mark Myers, is the group’s tech expert. He also posts You-Tube videos as promos for the group, as well as under his own tag of TheBrakeman17 like these:

Membership to the Heartland N-Trak Of Kansas City is $35.00 to join and $25.00 a year thereafter. You get a hat when you join, and there are t-shirts available for purchase. They meet the first Sunday of each month, usually gathering about 1pm and having the  official meeting at 3pm. They are open Saturdays 10am-3pm (sometimes as late as 4pm).

Here are some photos I took inside the Heartland N-Trak facility that will give you a better idea of their layout.







The folks at Heartland N-Trak Of Kansas City want you to know that they will be open during the 2014 Liberty Fall Festival this coming weekend http://www.libertyfallfest.com/ and will also have a booth at Gladfest 2014
http://www.gladstonechamber.com/events/gladfest .

If you are in the Northland, or don’t mind driving to it and are looking for a great place to hang out with a wonderful group of fellow train nuts, then you need to come visit Heartland N-Trak Of Kansas City, in Liberty, Missouri! You know I’m famous for saying it-You’ll be glad you did!  They are just one more great venue in the KC Metro area that are leaving Legacies…….On The Rails!!

Here is some more railroad music for your listening pleasure!



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