Busy Couple Of Weeks

December started off busy for me as a rail-fan. Beginning with Monday, December 9th, when I was supposed to meet my friend Chad Martens at the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Missouri. Just as I arrived, I saw that I had a message from him that he was going to have to take a “rain-check”, as something had come up for him.

So, as I was leaving to head back home, I got this off Kiger Rd just outside the Genealogy Center’s parking lot. I tried to find a spot to take a pic of the tracks on either side of this bridge, but they ran behind a residential area, so you’d have to be in folks’ back yards to do so.


Then as I started heading back toward home, and got on I-70 West, I was nearing Noland Rd and saw a sign for the Independence Amtrak Station that I had never visited before. I put the location in my GPS and headed that way. As I was proceeding north on Noland Rd, I got this:

Here are the pics I got at the Amtrak Station/Jackson County Genealogical Library-both appeared deserted that day:





I also made a stop on Front Street that day and got these:



On Tuesday, December 9th, I had in-class training with  Operation Lifesaver-the last step in becoming a certified speaker for them.  The training included covering safety regulations in the OLS Volunteer Handbook, reviewing slides and making practice oral presentations. I was surprised that there were only three of us in the class.

This was kind of nostalgic for me as the training took place in the very same building that my late paternal grandmother worked in’retired from that used to house Loretta’s Norfolk & Western Cafe, and is now part of the Norfolk Southern Depot in North Kansas City, Missouri. Being on NS property with permission obviously provided for some great photo and video ops, so I took advantage with these:







On Friday, December 12th, my shift from work had our 2014 Christmas Lunch at the Argosy Casino in Riverside, Missouri and on my way in to work afterward, I got what I consider to be one of my best photos yet, there in Riverside:



On Sunday, December 12th,  I had hoped to make it to The Great Train Expo in Overland Park, Kansas but after church, my daughter wanted to take one of her friends to Crown Center. And though she drives, she had never driven there before, so I offered to go pick up her friend and take them. This also included a visit to Union Station. Between the two facilities, I got these pics and videos:




I got these in North Kansas City on my way to work later that week:



On Saturday, December 20th, we were back at Crown Center and Union Station after my wife, my daughter, myself and our friends Alicia and Christina Hessenflow dropped off toys at Children’s Mercy  Hospital that are gathered in the name of A Cara Christmas Toy Drive To Benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital that our family has done for the last few years.
https://www.facebook.com/cmctd .  Got these while we were there:



And then there was Christmas, when I got these:


RailVid3RailStn I will be posting reviews 0f the videos here on the blog very soon! I am not the only one that has been busy with rail-fanning . My friend Shane Mason (thebrakeman17) has been posting on his You-Tube page recently as well. Here are some of his latest You-Tube postings:

Well, let’s wrap this up with some kind of railroad music from one of my favorite artists, Glen Campbell:

Until next time, keep leaving Legacies………..ON THE RAILS!






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