Starting 2015 Rail-Fan Style

So for the past month my railfan activities have been very hit and miss. Work, sleep and family schedules, including lots of time spent visiting my mother and father-in-law who have both spent time in hospitals and my mother-in-law is currently in. Seems that every day I am on my way to see them, there is an east-bound NS, BNSF or UP manifest getting ready to power out of North Kansas City, Missouri from the NS Depot but I don’t have time to head to my new favorite spot to get pics and video. But, most of the rooms my mother-in-law has been in have windows that overlook the depot so I grab some pics or video from there.

I had also been finishing and releasing my latest book “30 Godly Lessons From My Life-Volume One” ( a 30-Day Devotional-currently available on Createspace and Amazon) .The front and inside covers and the about the author photos are all of me with a former BN caboose that is on display in North Kansas City, Missouri behind what is now Northland Lofts Apartments but is the former home of one of my late paternal grandmother’s employers National Bellas-Hess. One of the devotions is called “Running Out Of Steam” and likens our spiritual lives needing regular fuel from time in God’s word and prayer and the fellowship, teaching and preaching in the church to a steam train needing coal and water to keep going. I am tossing around the idea of doing a specifically railroaders edition. These things have taken first priority.

But as my fellow railfans know, once you have been bitten by the train-bug, you are infected for life-and I don’t say that in a negative conotation. So, I have taken opportunities here and there to snag some pics and video which I will as always share here.

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I want to also thank all my great Railfan Facebook pals I have been acquiring for agreeing to network with me as I get to see all the awesome pics and videos you all have been putting your hearts and souls into as well.

Guys like George Li. Railfan Jason. The Worldwide Railfan Project. Kansas City Railfans. Chris Railfan. Railfans United. and so many more. And as a tribute, I decided I wanted to start profiling some of the rail-fan community here on the blog. And my first guest is my aforementioned friend George Li-a Political Science (like my Son) and International Affairs Major at Eastern Washington University, residing in Cheney, Washington. George has been graciously, patiently tutoring me in identifying locomotives as I am still relatively new to the hobby. He takes and shares several rail photos a day.

LOTR: What got you interested in Rail-Faning?

Li: I’ve always been interested in trains. My grandpa on my mom’s side was a fireman/brakeman with a Class KD6 Baldwin 2-8-0 in China. These were ex-United States Army Transport locos used during the war. He took me to see trains when I was younger and I do remember seeing some steam switching . But really the picture taking started in the last year or so when I finally got a camera. My railfan location is Cheney/Seattle. My fav RR is Alaska RR.

Here are some of the awesome pics that George has been sharing with me and all the rail-fan community:


Thanks, George, for your friendship, and your ongoing contributions to the rail-fan community!

And, I continue to keep up with Shane Mason (thebrakeman17). Here is some of his recent work:

I have made a recent visit to the Heartland N Trak Of Greater KC club. My intention was for us to call in to the 100th show of Model Rail Radio that I am a new fan of, but as soon as I arrived and realized that the dance studio that the club is located under was in session, I  could see that this was not going to make for a quality call-in.  But I did take some pics of the guys enjoying what they do best.


I have now become official as a volunteer with the Model Rail Experience at Kansas City’s Union Station and should have my ID Badge this week. Will be blogging about  things there more in the future. I intended to take some more video there but my phones’s camera would not cooperate and by the time I was leaving, the phone was dead enough that I had to pass up shooting video of the slow moving BNSF that was passing by Union Station‘s back lot . Curses!-Foiled Again!

But, we will all keep on pursuing the rail-fan hobby, just as those who actually work on the railroads keep up their important work. All combined continuing to leave Legacies……….On The Rails!


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