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Confessions Of The Pastor Assisting, Missions Directing Railfan

Welcome back to Legacies…..On The Rails

Well, as I sit here watching Santa Fe’s Cajon Pass Pre-Merger on DVD, and anticipating the arrival next week of the Wabash Cannoball pendant I won in a bid on Ebay (never won a bid before and I’m rarely on Ebay but just happened to see it one day and gave it a shot) I unfortunately must report that my plan to catch some action in Blackwater, Missouri on my way to Columbia, Missouri was a bust.

I got a much later start hitting the road that day than I planned which is very uncharacteristic of me on a solo road-trip and though I did stop and eat lunch by the tracks in Blackwater, nothing came along, and all I caught was a former Mo-Pac (now Union Pacific) covered hopper parked on a siding. I got to Columbia just barely in time to pick up my Son as he got off work and headed to the Mizzou game.


But what has highlighted my rail-fanning of late has some switching action at the North Kansas City/Avondale, Missouri Norfolk Southern yard, as the Union Pacific and BNSF action I have been catching on the Kansas side, in Lenexa, Kansas after I attended the two-day 3E Midwest Regional Church Administration Conference at Lenexa Baptist Church, as well as at I-35/Lamar on recent trips to visit my Sister.


It has also largely been catching the Union Pacific 844 Steam Locomotive not once but twice during the month of October. The first time as it was leaving Kansas City, and passed through Buckner, Missouri on a mid-morning Monday and then a couple weeks later in a night-time scenario at Kansas City Union Station.

I caught this Union Pacific/Ferromex Grain Train in Buckner while waiting for the 844’s arrival with a host of other anxious rail-fans.

I included the Howard Fogg car that accompanied the 844 because out of all the ones that did it is my favorite because I own some Howard Fogg art. I was disappointed that neither the City Of Salina or the Cheyenne cars that I got to ride in in 2014 were among the manifest.

The other favorite part of my recent rail-fanning has been all the Santa Fe action I have been catching in North Kansas City/Avondale, Missouri with units still in Original Santa Fe schemes and then the very long Union Pacific manifest I caught most of in the Kansas City West Bottoms in front of the Doc’s Caboose train collector store, as I stopped by there to make a wish list of future purchases. It was actually earlier in the day on the same day I got the night coverage of UP 844 at Union Station.

And, as I love to find models of the actual Road #’s I get pics or video of, I was fortunate to fond this little gem in a metal model of the Union Pacific 844 at the Gladstone, Missouri Hobby Lobby store.


I have also added some short segments of the Legacies On The Rails Radio Podcast on recently recorded in Buckner, Mo with the 844, and hope to add another show while I’m off for the next 4 days. I have also added several pics to the My Railroad Collection album to my page (John W Losh II) on Facebook. If you are my friend there, check them out!

That’s going to wrap up this posting. I hope you will come visit us at New Life Baptist Church in Gladstone, Missouri at 6924 N Oak Tfwy at 10am Sundays soon and that you continue to follow the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind and soul, and when it comes to trains, continue leaving Legacies…….On The Rails!